Moor Mud Toning and Tightening Treatment

Mineral enriched European moor mud has been used for centuries. Warmed, black moor mud, is brushed over your entire body to detoxify and rejuvenate tired muscles, as well as revive skin tone. You are then wrapped and covered with warm sheets. After showering, your therapist will provide a soothing full body application of grape seed oil.

(50 Minutes)……$95.00

Body Bronzing

Body is airbrushed by hand with an herbal enriched solution, giving the skin a healthy glow with out the harmful effects of the sun.

(15 Minutes)……$39.00

The Revitalizer

Ayurveda – an ancient medical science – looks equally at mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Using an intoxicating blend of herbs and oils from India, this ayuruvdic treatment will bring the body into balance by providing nourishment to the skin, profound relaxation to the central nervous system, and quiet piece to the mind and soul. This ultimate spa experience starts with an ayurvedic herbal body scrub and a hot body wrap, followed by a warm oil massage and showered with an herbal mist.

(60 Minutes)……$95.00

Herbal Detox Wrap

Wrapped in muslin sheets which have been soaked in a special herbal solution, your body is cleansed of built-up toxins and impurities. This fragrant heat treatment thoroughly relaxes the body and greatly facilitates the detoxification process that is an integral part of your spa experience. (Not recommended during pregnancy or for anyone with high blood pressure).

(20 Minutes)……$65.00

Illuminating Body Detox Treatment

A unique body wrap using pure micronized seaweed. This warm seaweed wrap has an effect to boost your bodies own efforts to detoxify. Relax and luxuriate in steady warmth while your skin benefits from a rich array of rich minerals, vitamins, and enzymes naturally abundant in French seaweed. Note: Not recommended for those with Hyperthyroid, iodine sensitive, or extreme blood pressure conditions.

(50 Minutes)……$95.00

Honey Dip

Our signature treatment! Beginning with a five jet water massage followed with an aroma salt glow, cleansing and exfoliating your skin, your body is then wrapped in a warm honey. A stimulating peppermint shampoo and condition is massaged to the scalp during a relaxing water body massage. A finishing application of aromatherapy oils will leave you with a beautiful glow.

(60 Minutes)……$95.00

Himalayan Salt Scrub Escape

This unique exfoliation combines specific island salt crystals and an ocean breeze moisturizing gelee encompassing deep cleansing and purifying benefits. After you are buffed to a glossy shine and lathered in an enriching lotion application, you will look and feel baby soft and radiant.

(45 Minutes)……$75.00

Milk and Honey Wrap

Reinvigorate your soul and skin with this succulent wrap. A steaming green tea marigold mineral soak prepared with organic tea and flower petals nourish the skin. The warm honey glaze wrap is made with raw honey and live papaya fruit cells, that breath new life into dry skin. A final massage incorporating sweet cream body milk lotion and a drop of citrus cilantro oil, awake and moisturize the skin.

(50 minutes)…. $85.00

Organic Coconut Cream  Wrap

Soak your troubles away with a refreshing foot bath, followed by dry body brushing that exfoliates dry skin and increases circulation. This prepares your body for a luxurious blend of warm organic coconut cream cocooned in a natural cloth, your skin will be nourished and nurtured in the most delicious way. A restorative face and foot massage, will leave you feeling pampered form head to toe.

(50 minutes)…. $85.00


Coffee Detox and Cellulite Reduction Scrub

The caffeine in the coffee acts like a stimulant that dilates blood vessels, which tone and tighten tissue. It increases circulation and reduces water retention and helps soothe the crinkled look of cellulite. This scrub is also brimming with powerhouse vitamins and minerals, that nourish and exfoliate the skin.

(50 minutes)…. $75.00

The Scrub Bar

This full body exfoliation is followed by an application of rich firming body lotion, that leaves your skin silky and glowing.

Choose from …

Lavender * Coconut * Sugar & Cream * Burbon * Bamboo * Pomegranate

(50 minutes)…. $75.00


Prices subject to change with out notice.