EBJ Esthetics Cleansing Facial

Specific products will be used to cleanse, tone, hydrate, and balance the skin. This treatment incorporates gentle steaming, exfoliation, extraction, and facial massage. This process dissolves impurities and congestion, while nourishing and revitalizing the skin. The Esthetics facial is a prerequisite for other facial treatments.

(60 Minutes)……$80.00

 Collagen Vitality Facial

A smoothing and hydrating facial using a natural collagen sheet mask to soften and reduce the appearance of tiny lines. A special “lift action massage” technique improves facial tone while naturally increasing circulation. A must for mature and moisture parched skin. This treatment is recommended as a compliment to the Esthetics Cleansing Facial.

(60 Minutes)……$95.00

Glycolic Acid Peel Treatments

A new level of skin rejuvenation, Glycolic Acid Peel Treatments minimize the visible signs of aging, smoothes complexions, balances irregular skin tone, softens dry skin, and promotes a healthy youthful glow.

(With Facial)……$20.00 (30 Minutes)……$45.00

Esthetics Treatment Intensive

This intensive treatment is targeted for areas most vulnerable to show signs of aging: the forehead, eye, neck, and lip areas. You will be treated with a special massage technique and wrapping application of a paraffin hydrating mask, leaving your skin toned and firm.

(60 Minutes)……$90.00

Esthetics Facial for Men

Beginning with a gentle steaming, this smoothing facial is followed by a deep cleansing and an application of hot towels. A relaxing neck and shoulder massage accompanies this facial. Esthetics hydrating treatment leaves your skin smooth and well-conditioned.

(60 Minutes)……$80.00

De-Stress Facial

Tension floats away from your face, mind, and body as you are experiencing our stress release facial. Mild cleansing and vitamin application followed by a relaxing massage will nourish and revive your skin, leaving you feeling naturally rejuvenated.

(30 Minutes)……$70.00

Teen Facial

A specialized treatment consisting of steaming and extractions. To combat skin eruptions, a series of weekly treatments is recommended.

(45 Minutes)……$70.00

Back Treatment

A facial for the back, utilizing the same techniques as the Esthetics Cleansing Facial. After cleansing and toning, a mask is applied.

(45 Minutes)……$75.00

 Vitamin C Infusion Facial

This treatment dramatically reduces fine lines and restores a youthful, luminous appearance.

(60 Minutes)……$85 .00

Triple Oxygen Facial

Especially designed for mature and sensitive skin types. This session features an intensive therapeutic treatment rich in anti-oxidants designed to renew nutrition deprived skin due to sun damage, pollutants, aggressive products, and time.

(60 Minutes)……$110.00

Vita Cura Facial

Vita Cura 5 phase firming facial is based on our exclusive combination of natural marine and herbal ingredients to invigorate, lift, and firm mature skin. The enzymatic micro peel, based on papaya enzymes, helps uncover a vibrant complexion. A massage with hyaluronic acid and, phytoestrogen promotes cell repair.

(60 minutes) …. $95.00

Organic Paprika Facial

This treatment is a great rejuvenator. Stimulates blood circulation through the epidermis, oxygenates, and revitalizes the skin. Great for mature, fatigued, pigmented, or blemished skin.

(60 minutes) …. $85.00

Microdermabrasion Treatment

This gentle yet highly effective skin resurfacing treatment helps remove cell layers and ‘’age spots’’. Eliminates signs of sun damage and helps smooth the onset of fine lines and  wrinkles.

(45 minutes) …. $105.00

Facial Enhancements:

(Enhance your facial with any of these treatments)

Enzyme Peel

Enzymes derived from papaya will help eliminate dead skin cells leaving the skin glowing and smooth. $20.00

Eyelift Treatment

This process firms, hydrates and smoothes existing wrinkles as well as fine lines. $49.00


Prices subject to change with out notice.